Typical Salesmen vs. A Consultant That Cares


While looking to replace windows or doors in your home, you’re likely to run into several people that just want you to sign a check. Most salesmen only get paid when they convince you to buy something from them, meaning they’ll do and say just about anything to make a sale.

At Energy Swing Windows, we don’t conduct our business in that manner. We are different in many ways, but our client consultants and their priorities truly set us apart.

A Typical Salesman Will…

  • Show up with a “car lot” personality – You know that feeling when you step foot on a car lot and the salesmen flock to you like magnets to a refrigerator? It’s invasive and uncomfortable. This behavior is a sign of a money-hungry company and should be a major red flag, especially if you’re inviting them into your home.
  • Rush in and rush out – Sure, having a salesman get in and out of your home in 30 minutes or less may seem convenient at the moment, but a proper window or door evaluation cannot be done that quickly. Typical salesmen will prove how much they don’t care about you and your needs when they rush the process and push you to buy after one short conversation and a quick look around your home.
  • Confuse you with fancy lingo – One of the oldest tricks in the book is using industry lingo that will confuse homeowners. This can lead you to believe the salesman is a lot more knowledgeable than they really are when they probably haven’t even gathered specific details about your home or the products you want. Chances are, they will convince you to purchase things you never needed in the first place in an effort to inflate your bill.
  • Give you an ultimatum – Some salesmen will try to force you into buying their products at the last minute by making you an offer you simply can’t resist. They will hike the initial price way up so it looks like you’re getting a smoking deal when the ultimatum comes into play. “If you buy right now, we’ll take $10,000 off…but only today. The offer is off the table tomorrow.” Pshhh! If they’re willing to knock a huge amount off the estimate they originally quoted you, be wary.

An Energy Swing Windows Expert Consultant Will…

Typical Salesmen vs. a Consultant That Cares - Image 2

  • Bring experience and knowledge – When we send one of our consultants out on the job, we know our clients will receive the absolute best customer service and expert analysis. Don Darragh (left) and Chris Saxton (right) have been with us since 1996 and 2001, respectively. Zach Fontecchio (center), although primarily a basement expert, has more than a decade of home improvement customer service experience. Because they’ve traveled to thousands of homes all over the Greater Pittsburgh area and have experienced everything the window and door industry has to offer, you can count on them to help you find the right products for your home and your budget.
  • Provide a two-step consultative process – We don’t believe in high-pressure tactics. The two-step sales process we have in place is to ensure that our client consultants can establish a line of trustworthy communication with you. During Step 1, the consultant visits your home to take measurements and photos of your existing windows/doors. Upon returning to our office, they meet with our installation manager and construct a current and precise proposal. During Step 2, the consultant returns to your home to give you a detailed review of the proposal, leaving no question unanswered and no concern unrecognized.
  • Give an honest proposal – Our client consultants always have your best interests in mind. They will never inflate prices after the fact or cut them just to pressure you into choosing our company or buying on the same day. Understanding that this is an investment into your home and family’s well-being, we encourage you to think things through and even recommend you seek estimates from other companies before making a decision to make sure you find the company that fits your needs.
  • Treat you like a priority – We know how busy you are, and understand that not everyone can take a day off work or miss family events to worry about these appointments. Our consultants offer appointments at various times throughout the day, including evenings, and are always flexible to accommodate the specific needs of each customer. We take pride in doing things the right way, and there’s a few good reasons why we are the most referred window and door company in Western Pennsylvania: our customers trust us, are 100% satisfied with the work that we do, and feel comfortable recommending us to their loved ones and closest friends!

Don’t be fooled by deceiving salesmen that only care about your money. Invest instead in a company that will give you the time, attention and honesty you deserve for your home improvement project.