What Determines The Cost Of New Windows?


The product and all of the available options, the method of installation, and the quality of installation are all determining factors included in the price of windows. Big differences in the types of warranties and service policies will also have a significant impact. In addition, the style of the windows being removed can vary the cost of window replacement significantly. For example, removing old metal windows is far more difficult and labor-intensive than removing old wood windows. The age and style of your home also will influence the price. Another important cost factor is the types of windows you want for your home. Non-operating picture windows are less expensive than operable double-hung or sliding styles. Casements usually cost more than double-hung or sliding windows. The size of the new windows and the level of insulating glass chosen also play a large part in determining cost. Pre-made big-box-store windows are typically less expensive than custom-made products, although in the long run, with the necessary interior and exterior cosmetic work required to make pre-made windows “fit” a home, it’s highly doubtful that pre-made windows are truly less expensive than custom windows.  Then there are the costs to the company that sells and installs the windows. The costs of doing business and staying profitable will always exist. You should expect to pay a fair price so these companies can do a professional job installing your windows without cutting corners.   Most homeowners don’t mind paying more than originally expected for a home improvement project, as long as they know the reasons for the higher costs. However, by paying more, expectations will be higher. You should expect high-quality products, installation, and service. The phrases “cheap” or “lowest price” should not be important when you’re making a large investment for your home. You will get what you pay for — in terms of product quality, the appropriate options and glass you should have, the quality of work in installing the windows, and even the quality of the company with which you’re doing business. Do you homework up front and make an informed choice.