Stock VS Custom


Stock Windows Vs. Custom Made Windows

If you’ve been researching replacement windows then you are well aware that there are many brands and types to choose from in a variety of prices. Many times homeowners wonder if they should go with readily available standard sized windows, or spend the extra time and money to get custom-sized windows. Our recommendation is that it is always worth it to choose custom windows. Here are 3 reasons why:

Perfect Fit:  Custom windows provide the most energy efficiency (saving you money) because they are made to fit perfectly into a specific opening. Additionally, custom-made windows can be installed with little mess, whereas stock windows may require you to alter the wall opening, sometimes stuffing wood, insulation and filler around the window to make it fit properly. This is does not allow the windows to insulate your home properly and can cause the window to shift over time.

Specific Design: Custom-made windows take the guesswork out of choosing from the myriad of options available that can alter the window’s appearance and efficiency. Custom windows allow you to choose the grid pattern you like, the thickness of the glass, the quality of the low-e, and more. While some of these options maybe available at the big box stores, not all are, and probably not in the combination you prefer.

Cost: Standard windows typically cost less in the beginning, but with additional labor, disruption to your home, and expenses factored in, they don’t always end up cheaper. For example, installing stock windows from a big box store typically requires you to add brick or siding to the exterior, and drywall to the interior. These materials require more money invested in your project and more time spent too. These are aspects you definitely want to factor in when weighing the price options against one another.