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There is no reason to feel pressure when you are making an important home buying decision. Whether it’s replacement windows and doors, or a total basement refinishing service, we not only want you to take your time, we want you to be fully educated and fully confident in the service you select. 

Where others may say their price is only good until the end of the month, we say “our warranty is so good, you’ll never have to worry for as long as you live in your home.”  We take the time to educate you about the product, the process, and the options that best suit your needs, ensuring you make an informed decision that you feel confident about. 

One of the most important things we always go over with homeowners is our Triple Lifetime Warranty. Triple value means this warranty covers the product itself, the installation, and any service needed in the future! A Triple Lifetime Warranty delivers true peace of mind. 

When Warranty Becomes a Dirty Word 

There are times when the term "warranty" becomes a dirty word. It's usually when what is promised falls drastically short of expectations. A bad warranty can quickly sour an investment, turning what should be a welcome improvement into a source of endless frustration.  

Don't be fooled by the word "Lifetime" in most warranties. These assurances often contain so many exclusions, limitations, and conditions that they offer little real protection. Does the warranty cover just the materials, leaving you responsible for significant labor costs? Because many companies send subcontractors to your home, most warranties don't cover installation defects. After a brief introductory period, if you find you need service, there's often a fee! And many companies simply fail to return your calls. 

Bad warranties can be cunningly crafted with diminishing terms, where the coverage decreases over time, rendering it almost useless just when problems are more likely to arise. The length of the warranty might sound impressive at first glance, but the fine print reveals that the most crucial components have the shortest protection span.  

Your Energy Swing Warranty is Designed for Peace-of-Mind 

A warranty is only as reliable as the company backing it. The Energy Swing Warranty offers homeowners unmatched peace of mind. Despite the name, the Triple Lifetime Warranty doesn't mean three lifetimes. It means that it covers the three key aspects of your investment—the product, the installation, and any necessary service—for a lifetime. 

Unlike many replacement window and door warranties that are fraught with exclusions and limitations, Energy Swing Windows provides a comprehensive "No Small Print" warranty that covers every component of our windows, doors, and basement finishing services.  

This means that for as long as you live and reside in your home, you are protected against defects in materials, workmanship, and even accidental damage. This is a stark contrast to common industry practices where warranties are pro-rated, diminish over time, or are filled with loopholes that essentially void the coverage when it's most needed. 

We offer only the best products, including our own line of locally manufactured Energy Swing windows. Every installation is completed by Energy Swing’s own in-house installers. The dedication to detail of these skilled employees eliminates common issues that can result from improper installation. 

This integrated approach allows Energy Swing to offer an installation warranty that guarantees the quality of both materials and labor.  

Furthermore, Energy Swing’s warranty includes coverage for glass breakage and screen damage, which are frequently excluded in other warranties. Whether the damage results from accidents, vandalism, or natural events, homeowners can rest easy knowing that replacements or repairs won’t incur additional costs. This is exceptionally beneficial compared to other warranties where any service requires navigating a frustrating maze of manufacturer referrals and hidden service fees. 

Energy Swing’s exceptional warranty is also transferable one time to a new owner, which adds value to your home should you decide to sell. This transfer process is straightforward and only requires a letter to Energy Swing Windows to inform them of the change in ownership. This feature is especially attractive compared to other warranties that are either non-transferable or require cumbersome and expensive processes to transfer the warranty to a new homeowner. 

Yes, the Energy Swing “Triple Lifetime Warranty” is designed to offer absolute peace-of-mind through its all-inclusive, straightforward terms that protect homeowners over the lifetime of their residence. With Energy Swing, the warranty is a testament to our confidence in the products we sell and our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Would you like to take a look at this incredible Warranty?  Visit our Warranty page for the details. 

You’ll Give Our Next Referral, We’re Sure of it! 


After your experience with Energy Swing Windows, any time you look at your new windows, doors, or basement refinishing work, you’ll only have the best memories. And when your family, friends, and neighbors compliment you on your stunning home improvements, you’ll send them our way. We’re sure of it. 

That’s how Energy Swing became Western PA’s Most Referred Replacement Window and Door Provider.  

To learn more, give us a call today at 724-387-2991, or visit our website and make a Service Request. We look forward to delivering an outstanding experience for you! 

Bryan Messina
From our first meeting through installation, everything about our experience with EnergySwing was great! Our sales rep was thorough in introducing the products, talking through our options, and outlining the value of their products. We visited the showroom to see and operate windows first-hand and really came to appreciate the difference of high-quality materials and premium features available with EnergySwing's windows. The installation process was great, too. The installation team was professional, on time, and kept us updated with the progress of their work. They left all of the areas they worked in extremely clean and made sure our floors and carpets were protected as they moved around the house. Now that we are enjoying our new windows, we can really appreciate the quality and the difference they've made in the comfort of the rooms and outside noise reduction. We're very happy with our choice to go with EnergySwing and look forward to working with them on future projects!
Crystal Longanecker
From start to finish this was a wonderful experience! Our house had very outdated windows and Donnie walked us through all of our options without rushing us or making us feel pressured. Fred, Steve, and Steven did our installation, and they were awesome! They explained exactly what they were doing, were super friendly, and took wonderful care of our home in the process. We absolutely love our new windows and would recommend Energy Swing to anyone!
Adam Rawlings
Loved the experience from beginning to end. Chris was careful and helpful, and made sure we got what we needed from the sales side. Fred, Steve and Steven installed everything in one day, took great care of our home, and it looks incredible. Energy Swing did most of the windows in this house for the previous owners, and now everything is Energy Swing. Definitely recommend!
Beatrice Moorefield
They are professional, and explain everything, also you can ask questions. They are very polite. Clean up after them. MAY GOD KEEP BLESSING them.
Tina Stoner
I love energy swing. From the sales person Chris to my installers Fred, Steve and Steven. They were all very professional and very helpful if I had a question. The quality of windows and knowledge of the staff is unremarkable. I will recommend them to all my family and friends.
christine morain
Donnie was very easy to work with and willing to work with us to find the right deal for our budget. The windows are easy to use and clean. So glad that we used Energy swing windows for our replacement choice
From start to finish this was a 5 star experience. We got our whole home's windows redone, including a sliding glass door. The salesman Donnie D. was kind and courteous, and best of all, was just a real human being and not pushy. We had installers in and around the inside and outside of our home for 4 days and it was about as pleasant of an experience as it could possibly be. Fred, Steve S. and Steve G. did exceptional work, they made us feel comfortable throughout the process. I have already recommended this company to someone and would not hesitate to do so again or to use them if i need something else done in my home!
kathy baker
We are extremely happy with our new bay window. The bay design with the bench seat provided a nice expanse to our living room. The beautiful woodwork for the seat and trim matched perfectly with our hardwood floors. We were very pleased with each step of the process. Don was very professional throughout the estimate appointment and assured that we were totally informed of the entire process and the window designs and options available to us. Jeff and his assistant were very thorough and informative during the measure/planning visit. Tony, Dale, and Steve S. were fantastic throughout the entire installation process. They were very courteous and their installation expertise and attention to detail were quite evident and very much appreciated.
mb wilson
I had front windows done in 2017 and the experience was great. I am limited with HOA requirements, which they were able to supply the correct style & color. Finally did the back now. The installers were professional, courteous & were able to work with my schedule. I am now enjoying all my windows from Energy Swing.
Kim Vivirito
Energy Swing was absolutely wonderful to work with from start to finish!!! We had a vision for what we wanted the entrance of our house to look like and they made our design a reality! The front door and side windows are top quality, and the work they put into enclosing everything and adding the lights was done with expert care. All communication between us and Energy Swing was handled in a timely manner, and everyone was very helpful, friendly, and efficient throughout the whole process. They also replaced our kitchen window and we are equally happy with the quality of the product and work involved. We definitely recommend Energy Swing to others and hope to work with them again!