Stock Windows Are Cheaper, not Better

Custom-made Vs. Stock Windows

So now that you’ve decided you are moving forward with your window replacement, it’s time to decide what type of replacement window you will choose; custom- made or stock. Custom windows are designed and made to fit the openings in your home, while stock windows are made in one size. Stock windows are typically readily available at big box home improvement stores and are also what many replacement window companies offer to the public. While many homeowners are attracted to stock windows because of their initial low price, there can be considerable cost involved to make the window fit within the space in your home.

If your stock window is smaller than the opening in your home then generally filler is needed to make stock windows fit in your home properly. This can include using shims, but can also be as extensive as requiring additional brick or siding on the outside of your home as well as drywall on the inside to make it fit. Keep in mind, putting a smaller window in a larger hole also reduces your view of outside.

If you choose the make install a window that is larger than your current opening, there is a good chance that you will need to make significant changes to the load-bearing parts of the wall. This is something that is not recommended without the help of a reputable contractor.  So, while initially cheaper, homeowners often ultimately find that stock windows can become considerably more expensive than first expected.

While they might initially take longer to receive, a true replacement window is one that is built to fit an existing opening in your home. They are designed to create an exact fit and can be installed without major disruption to the inside and outside of your home.

Custom made windows are the preferred windows in almost every situation, because they fit properly  into your existing space, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing disruptions to your home.