What are the Pros and Cons of Wood Windows?

What are the Pros and Cons of Wood Windows?

Wood is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic surfaces for windows, and that is why these windows are so popular. However, when left to the elements, wood will degrade and begin to rot. Quality wood replacement windows can also be expensive, especially with the upkeep required.

Wood is a good insulator. Wood frames also expand and contract less than most other materials, but require more maintenance and are susceptible to moisture damage. Wood components treated with a preservĀ­ative or clad with metal or vinyl offer the benefits of low maintenance and high insulating value.

Wood window frames are still the choice of most homeowners and most major window manufacturers. Since they are easy to paint, wooden window frames also allow the consumer to change the color of the window. Wooden window frames, however, require considerable maintenance, including periodic painting. If they are not protected from moisture, they can stick, crack, and warp. As the cost of wood increases, manufacturers have begun using veneers over lower grade wood cores. While these are not solid wood, the wood fiber determines the performance of the frames.

Vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad wood frames are wood frames covered on the exterior with either vinyl or aluminum. This allows the homeowner to have the traditional look of the wood frame indoors, while avoiding periodic painting outdoors. These window frames, however, may rot if the cladding leaks and moisture reaches the wooden frame.

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