Energy Swing Windows is “Clearly Different” from all other replacement window companies, both in the way our company is run and the products we sell, manufacture and install. We sell only one type of double hung, one type of sliding window and one type of picture window. We could have chosen any window to manufacture, but we chose the best. We realize that window replacement is a process homeowners should only need to do once, Energy Swing Double Hungso we offer one product that ensures just that. Most other window companies offer a wide range of traditional tilt-in products to the homeowner. This adds not only confusion, but also a wide range of prices from which to choose. Sadly, although there may seem to be a wide range in both the products and the price, other companies’ windows are all traditional tilt windows and nothing more. This wide variety of tilt-in windows is a way to seemingly meet the customer’s needs when in reality, it’s a way to sell a cheap price, not a high quality window. Other window companies know that if they offer different quality products at different prices they will, more often than not, make the sale by selling the lowest quality and cheapest price. They made their sale, but did you get the best value for the money you spent?

Lifetime WarrantyIn reality, when it comes to windows, homeowners have only two choices; old style, less energy efficient, cumbersome tilt designs, and Energy Swing Windows. We are one of the few full service replacement window companies in western Pennsylvania and have total responsibility for the job from beginning to end. We market, sell, manufacture, install, warrant, and service every window we sell. Our unique, patented products set us apart from the competition, while providing more value to the customer.

Energy Swing has a lot to offer customers. Designing, testing, manufacturing and installing custom-made replacement windows is our sole business. We also feel it is our job to educate the consumer about the technology of replacement windows so they have the knowledge to make an informed investment decision.