Why Hire a Single-Source Contractor?

We’re the only local company that makes, sells, installs & warrants your windows

Did you know that most companies have at least three different contractors involved in your window job? Does it really matter if your windows are manufactured, installed and warrantied by a single company? Absolutely! Here’s why:

Knowledgeable Client Consultants

We focus on a few select brands of windows—the ones we make! Other companies change manufacturers constantly according to whoever gives them “the best deal” or whoever is “still in business.” At Energy Swing Windows, we know our products inside and out.

Quality Control

Most window companies are selling you windows that they bought from an out-of-town factory and were made by people they’ve never met, with quality processes that may or may not exist. The majority of our windows are made locally in our Murrysville, PA factory!

Knowledgeable Installers

Most companies outsource the installation to the lowest bidder. These subcontractors install all brands of windows for many companies and they get paid by the window, which means the faster they do it, the more money they make. Do they really have your best interest at heart? Do they even know what they’re doing? Maybe. Maybe not. We only use employee installers—never subcontractors!

No Warranty Hassles

If you ever have a problem with your windows, get ready for a finger-pointing nightmare. All of the involved parties will do their best to blame the other parties for the mistake. You’ll call the company you paid the money to, who will try to force you to locate the manufacturer or the subcontractor who installed it to deal with them. What a pain. And that’s assuming you can find somebody to do anything. You never have to worry about that with our Triple Lifetime Warranty!

Bottom Line: Single-Source Is a No-Brainer

When you hire Energy Swing Windows to install your new windows, you’ll know exactly what’s being installed, who’s installing it and how much it costs. If you ever have a problem with your Energy Swing windows, we’re the ones you come to for help!